Core Maths

A-Level maths revision notes with randomly generated interactive examples.

C1 - Core 1 revision notes

  1. Completing the square
  2. Describe the effect of translations on graphs and their equations
  3. Differentiating polynomials
  4. Evaluating definite integrals
  5. Expanding quadratic polynomials
  6. Factorising quadratic polynomials
  7. Finding maxima and minima and stationary points
  8. Finding the area under a curve using integration
  9. Finding the equation of a circle by completing the square
  10. Finding the equation of tangents and normals to curves
  11. Finding the midpoint of a straight line
  12. General equation of a straight line
  13. Graphs of simple equations
  14. Identifying parallel and perpendicular lines
  15. Integrating polynomials
  16. Quadratic functions and their graphs
  17. Rationalising the denominator of a fraction
  18. Simple algebraic division
  19. Simplifying surds
  20. Solving linear and quadratic inequalities
  21. Solving quadratic equations
  22. Solving simultaneous equations involving quadratics
  23. The discriminant of a quadratic function
  24. The equation of the tangent and normal at a given point to a circle
  25. The intersection of a straight line and a curve
  26. Using the equation of a circle
  27. Using the Factor Theorem
  28. Using the Remainder Theorem

C2 - Core 2 revision notes

  1. Arithmetic series
  2. Geometric series
  3. Laws of indices
  4. Transformations of graphs

C3 - Core 3 revision notes

    C4 - Core 4 revision notes